Top 5 Miami Brunch Spots

Love Sunday brunch? The Miami New Times has done the research and here is the list of the top 5 brunch spots in Miami!

1. Edge
It's difficult to top the world-class caliber of the Four Seasons. Simply walking through the seventh-floor lobby to Edge makes us feel like we've somehow won the lottery but didn't have time to pick out a fancy new outfit before brunch. No big deal. Edge accommodates everyone. For Sunday brunch service, the restaurant spans across the hall into an adjacent room where a "food truck" setup offers tacos and roast pork. In the middle, a huge tower of chilled seafood (with stone crab!) separates most of the spread from the dining room. A dessert table offers one decadent treat after another. Incredibly pleasant waiters and staff look to make your experience as comfortable and wonderful as possible. It's upscale without the snootiness. It's fancy without the diamonds. Yes, it's pricey ($65), but we'll be damned if it's not worth it.

2. MC Kitchen
The newly appointed queen of the Design District knows that anytime is good for Italian food, but brunch especially. Dena Marino's brunch menu is composed of completely Italian specials such as Parmigiano-Reggiano cavatelli pasta ($15), and veal and venison bolognese ($21), but then there's black truffle bruschetta ($24) and omelets with mascarpone and capers ($15). At MC, there is no way out unless you have first eaten your brunch.

3. Blue Collar
There's no bad meal at Blue Collar. There's no "this time is better than that time" when it comes to Biscayne's homegrown hangout. But if we were forced to make a life-or-death decision and choose the best time to head to BC, we'd pick brunch. There's lots of "stuff" on the menu: "eggy stuff," "salady stuff," "sandwichy stuff," "othery stuff." Chef/owner Danny Serfer's made-up words need not deter you from enjoying food for the soul. Get the lemon ricotta pancakes with real maple syrup ($13) "abd" a glass of Cava ($7). Thank us later.

4. Harry's Pizzeria
Harry's just launched brunch service a few months ago, but that doesn't make this place a rookie. There are only a few options in addition to the rotating blackboard of breakfast pizza specials. A short menu doesn't equate to a lack of variety, though. Brunch offerings include whipped homemade ricotta with wood-oven-roasted grapes, spiced cashews, local honey, and brioche toast ($9); egg salad crostini with bacon, crème fraîche, chives ($6); and local squash fritatta ($6).

5. Mister Collins
Bal Harbour is too often forgotten. For the rich and famous, it's the obvious go-to. For the peons, it's a world away. It's uncomfortable walking through the mall, passing windows of Dior and Ferragamo when you're wearing a dress from Macy's sale rack. But for most folks, walking the talk in no problem. Located in One Bal Harbour, Mister Collins is surprisingly approachable. It's not stuffy. It's not pretentious. It's just nice. It doesn't have to be expensive, and the view is unbeatable. The house-made doughnuts ($8) and short-rib sammie ($18) are personal favorites.


SOURCE: Miami New Times

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*Information provided in this article was current at the time of the article publish date. Please check with businesses directly for the most up to date information. 

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